One of the founders of the “Deep Purple” died

John Lord, one of the founders of the legendary “Deep Purple”, died July 16 in one of the London hospitals at age 71. He really knew how to mix music. Back in May 2010, he came to Kiev and gave an extraordinary concert to Ukrainian connoisseurs of real music, in the same year he was diagnosed with cancer, and in the summer of 2011 he announced the temporary suspension of the tour and went to the clinic for treatment.

One of the founders of the “Deep Purple” John Lord died
John the Lord is traditionally called Bach in rock music, as a figure identical with him in terms of creativity, only in another genre. He also started from the classics, then there was a passion for jazz and rock’n’roll. And this fusion of classical music with new heavy currents, a combination of seemingly incompatible music for many years has become a visiting card of the musician.

John the Lord can be called that figure of the children of the war, together with other figures of world culture, such as Picasso, Hesse, D. Selinger, Camus, F. Fellini, E. Warhol (incidentally, a native of our land), D. Lennon, humanity, removing it from a long period of wars, violence and barbarity in the period of civilization. It was under their influence that in the late 1960s and early 1970s Europe began a period of relaxation of international relations, an understanding of the priority of human rights and the value of human life. That is all that at this stage we already call simple universal values.

PS By the way, in honor of one of such legendary personalities, also a musician, Roger Waters, in the Uzhgorod amphitheater, on July 20 at 9:00 pm there will be a concert “IN THE FLESH!” Organized by the already famous young musician Dmitry, already mentioned in the city. It’s nice that such legends are not forgotten and it’s a pity when they leave us. But the main thing is that their creativity is immortal!